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With weekly lessons and three annual cycles, the Basic Program is the most comprehensive choice of school studies. It is addressed to every passionate and aspiring photographer, regardless of age or previous experience with the camera.

The courses aim to the technical and technological training of the student, to theirs artistic development but, above all, in the creation of a new generation of photographers with courage, patience and love for the 8th art. Each year climaxes with a group exhibition and there is the possibility of an extra year to create a personal portfolio.

Experienced teachers – all active and prominent professionals in the field – devote special attention to each student’s progress. Guest speakers and specialized courses broaden the range of available knowledge and photographic experience.

Depending on the objectives of each student, whether professional or amateur, the program is flexible and adaptable at different rates. By selecting e.g. the more intensive full-time study it can give an extra boost to their career in both artistic and applied photography. At the same time, each cycle is self-contained and a follow-up certificate is issued at the end of each year.

Selected books from the global literature are available in the main modules. The program is completed in 30 courses of a total duration of 90 hours. A 10% discount is provided with full payment as well as to the unemployed and the students.

Students get 30% discount to all of school’s workshops.

Instructors: Yiannis RizomarkosMyrto Papadopoulou, Eleni Mouzakiti, Konstantinos Tsiliakos

START WITH FUJI: No camera? No problem! In cooperation with Fujifilm Hellas, we can provide students with a Fujifim mirrorless digital camera for their first photographic steps.

First Cycle

The weekly lessons of the 1st cycle of basic studies at Orama are ideal for beginner-level photographers who want to enter the world of photography. During this year, all the basic principles of photography – both technical and artistic – are taught – and the participants evolve creatively through theoretical lessons and practical training in a comprehensive and wide range of courses.

Second Cycle

The second cycle is aimed at photographers who have the basic technical and theoretical training and want to take a closer look at the photographic medium. With project assignment, specialized courses and advanced teaching techniques, the year-long follow-up pushes the new photographer to the next level and familiarizes them with different and various photographic items to discover their own style.

Third Cycle

Students of the 3rd annual photographic cycle at Orama are welcomed to build their own original photographic works with narrative structure and conceptual content. Under the guidance of the instructors, they learn to overcome their artistic boundaries and follow their curiosity and passion into new creative paths, discovering their personal photographic identity.

Portfolio Development for MA Degrees and More

The program is devoted to the development and configuration of a complete portfolio of photography on the photo documentary or the photojournalism. It is addressed to students who want to build a graduate degree or attend a postgraduate program, as well as to photographers wishing to take part in major competitions, publish or present their work. The lessons give students the critical thinking and insight to discover how they can improve their photo and edit their images. Each student receives personalized attention and guidance at the individual meetings with the curator they choose.