Teachers: Yiannis Rizomarkos, Myrto Papadopoulou, Dimitra Papageorgiou, Irini Alexi

The weekly photo lessons of the 1st Cycle of study at Orama are ideal for beginner-level photographers who want to enter the world of photography. During this year, all the basic principles of photography – both technical and artistic – are taught, and the participants evolve creatively through theoretical lessons and practical training in a comprehensive and wide range of courses.

The program is completed in 30 lessons that total 90 hours, while students benefit with a 30% discount on all school workshops.  A 10% discount is offered for full payment in advanced as well as to university students and the unemployed.

The lessons taught are the following:



Duration: 7 months, 90 hours (October – May)

Day: Monday

Class hours: 18:00 – 21:00

Starting: Monday, October 8th

Basic Tuition: 790€ + VAT. A minimum deposit of 250€+VAT is required upon registration and the remaining amount should be paid in 6 monthly installments of 90€+VAT, November – April.

Tuition with books: 870€+VAT. A minimum deposit of 330€+VAT (registration fee + book cost) is required upon registration and the remaining amount should be paid in 6 monthly installments of 90€+VAT, November – April.

Photoshop (Optional): 80€+VAT. It is 3 courses of total 9 hours. Notes are provided.

The fees are paid on the 1st lesson of the month. A 10% discount is offered for full payment in advance, as well as to students and the unemployed. Students have a 30% discount on all school workshops.


Taught by Dimitra Papageorgiou
The course explores the principles of photographic materials and techniques, focusing on the practical implementation: how the lenses supplement the look, how the amount of light is creatively controlled and what is the role of time. Image improvement is controlled through the main functions of the camera and the technical approach of the shot.

Corresponding book and notes provided.


Taught by Yiannis Rizomarkos
How do lines, shapes, light, shadows, color, compose the means for our artistic expression? Students learn to utilize the basic image elements towards highlighting the message and significations of a photograph. At the same time, they will master the criteria that will allow them to analyze their photos, develop their opinions and express their ideas both visually and verbally. Corresponding book is provided.


Taught by Myrto Papadopoulou
Narration is fundamental to photographic content and in this lesson the methodology and ways of grouping images to create narrative structures are analyzed. Composition and editing are some of the necessary elements to construct coherence between pictures. During this process, students will train their viewpoint, will form their personal “voice” and will explore ideas that can  be developed into long-term projects.


Taught by Yiannis Rizomarkos, Myrto Papadopoulou
Fine Art Photography is the transformation of reality through the photographer’s vision. Using imagination, emotion and experimentation students will be called to make the transition from what they see to their own manufactured reality. Under the instructor’s guidance, they will create images that reflect their aesthetic and creativity. Corresponding book is provided.


Taught by Yiannis Rizomarkos, Myrto Papadopoulou
An introduction to the history of photography through the works of remarkable photographers. The course analyzes the trends of different eras and develops views that will impact the work of students.


Taught by Irini Alexi
Photoshop is the creative tool that complete a digital image. Lessons will acquaint students with basic skill needed for the constructive editing of their photographs. Getting to know the programs’ interface, raw file management, image size and analysis, exposure, contrast and clarity correction, color management and basic retouch tools are some of the subjects that will be developed during the classes. Students are required to have their own laptop equipped with the program. Tuition fee is 80€+VAT for 3 courses of 9 hrs total duration. Notes are provided.

Books are provided for “Photographic Technology and Practice”, “Framing and Composition” and “Fine Art Photography” and notes for Photoshop.

START WITH FUJI: No camera? No problem! In cooperation with Fujifilm Hellas, we can provide students with a Fujifim mirrorless digital camera for their first photographic steps.