Teachers: Yiannis Rizomarkos, Eleni Mouzakiti, Konstantinos Tsiliakos

The weekly courses of the 1st Cycle of studies in Orama are ideal for beginner photographers who want to enter the world of photography. During the year, all the basic principles of photography are taught, both technical and artistic. Participants evolve creatively through theoretical presentations and out-of-school photography walks in a complete and wide range of courses.

The program is completed in 30 lessons that total 90 hours. Students benefit from a 30% discount on all school workshops. A 15% discount is provided upon payment of the full amount and a 10% discount on the unemployed and students.

The lessons taught are the following:



Duration: 7 months, 90 hours (October – May)

Day: Monday

Class hours: 18:00 – 21:00

Starting: Monday, October 5th

Basic Cost: 810€ + VAT. Upon registration, 270€ + VAT is paid and the rest in 6 monthly installments of 90€ + VAT from November to April.

Cost with books: 910€ + VAT. With the registration, 370€ + VAT are paid (registration amount + book cost) and the rest in 6 monthly installments of 90€ + VAT from November to April.

Photoshop (Optional): Instructed by Manos Manolioudakis. 80€ + VAT. These are 3 courses with a total duration of 9 hours. Notes are provided.

The fees are paid on the 1st lesson of the month. A 15% discount is offered for full payment in advance, as well as a 10% to students and the unemployed.

Students have a 30% discount on all school workshops.

*Discounts are not combined


Taught by Yiannis Rizomarkos

The course explores the principles of photographic materials and techniques, focusing on their practical application. The topics analyzed concern the operation of the camera and the lenses: shutter speed, aperture, RAW files, white balance, focal length, photometry. The basic functions of the camera and the technical approach to shooting create the conditions for image quality improvement. Relevant book and notes are provided.


Taught by Eleni Mouzakiti

Students come in contact with the various applications of photography, realize the expressive possibilities, become familiar with the history – theory of photography, experiment, cultivate their visual perception and understand the modern photographic landscape. At the same time, through assigning exercises and critically evaluating their own shots, they evolve by creating their own image portfolio. A relevant book is provided.



Taught by Yiannis Rizomarkos

How do lines, shapes, light, shadow, color compose the means of our creative expression? Students learn to use the basic elements of the image, in order to highlight the message and the conceptual essence of the photograph. At the same time, they will be provided with the appropriate criteria that will allow them to analyze their photos, develop their views and express their ideas both visually and orally. A relevant book is provided.


Taught by Konstantinos Tsiliakos

The course introduces students to the basic principles and techniques of lighting so that they can understand light and be able to manage it later in any situation. Through creative exercises and examples students will learn the direction and quality of light, practice the techniques while being encouraged to experiment and discover “their” light.


Books are provided in the teaching units “Photographic Technology & Practice”, “Creative Photography” and “Framing and Composition”.

START WITH FUJI: No camera? No problem! In cooperation with Fujifilm Hellas, we can provide students with a Fujifim mirrorless digital camera for their first photographic steps.