Teachers: Yiannis Rizomarkos, Myrto Papadopoulou, Konstantinos Tsiliakos, Irini Alexi

The 2nd cycle program is directed at photographers that have the basic technical and theoretical understanding and wish to expand their knowledge and improve their skills. Lesson focus on the in depth comprehension of photography, giving equal emphasis to all aspects of photographic thought and practice.
The program is completed in 30 lessons that total 90 hours, while students can benefit from Full Study with unlimited access to workshops or have a 20% discount on all school workshops.  A 10% discount is offered for full payment in advanced as well as to university students and the unemployed.
Attendance of the 1st cycle is not required for registration, if those interested present a small portfolio and give an interview.

The lessons taught are the following:



Duration: 7 months, 90 hours (October-May)

Day: Wednesday

Class hours: 19:00 – 22:00

Starting: Wednesday, October 10th

Basic Tuition: 720€+VAT. A minimum deposit of 180€+VAT is required upon registration and the remaining amount should be paid in 6 monthly installments of 90€+VAT, November – April.

Tuition with books: 800€+VAT. A minimum deposit of 260€+VAT (registration fee + book cost) is required upon registration and the remaining amount should be paid in 6 monthly installments of 90€+VAT, November – April.

Full Study: Includes the Basic Studies program, books and unlimited access* to workshops. The cost is 1200€+VAT. A minimum deposit of 360€+VAT (registration fee + book cost) is required upon registration and the remaining amount should be paid in 6 monthly installments of 140€+VAT, November – April.

*Note: Travel programs are excluded. Extra charge of €20 for workshops including models.

Photoshop (Optional): 80€+VAT. It is 3 courses of total 9 hours. Notes are provided.

The fees are paid on the 1st lesson of the month. A 10% discount is offered for full payment in advance, as well as to students and the unemployed. Students who do not attend Full Study have a 20% discount on all school workshops.


Taught by Yiannis Rizomarkos, Myrto Papadopoulou
The course focuses on the modern trends of artistic photography and the main cultural and aesthetic movements that it expresses and that made it an important visual art form. Through the works of recognized photographers, students will be inspired and will cultivate their personal means of expression, will dig into meanings and emotions that will affect their ongoing photographic projects. Corresponding book is provided.


Taught by Konstantinos Tsiliakos
In this class we analyze complex lighting techniques used in modern professional photography. Through the view and methods applied by Constantinos Tsiliakos, students will work on different techniques photographing models, while they will be encouraged to create their own light, together with their personal vision. Corresponding book is provided.


Taught by Myrto Papadopoulou
The lesson mainly focuses on the research skills, technical knowledge and strategies necessary to produce a photographic project. Subjects analyzed include data collection, photoshoot scheduling, ways of documentation, the importance of editing, as well as photographic narrative methods that will enable students to develop their projects during the year. Corresponding book is provided.


Taught by Yiannis Rizomarkos
Students will learn how to create unique portraits and self-portraits that reflect aspects of the person’s character and evoke emotions. Experimentation with different techniques, the power of color or black and white, the exploration of the relationship between photographer and subject are some of the creative processes that can put a portrait on a higher artistic level. The class includes conversations and presentations on photographers that have used portraiture as a creative tool.


Taught by Irini Alexi
Lessons are designed to expand pre-existing photoshop skills and guide students through that extra step needed to make their digital art comprehensive and unique. Chapters include the use of layers and masks, advanced retouching tools, the use of filters and montage techniques. Students are required to have their own laptop equipped with the program. Tuition fee is 80€+VAT for 3 courses of 9 hrs total duration. Notes are provided.

Books are provided for “Contemporary Photography”, “Studio Lighting”, “Introduction to Codumentary Photography” and notes are provided on Photoshop.