Duration: 12 meetings/ 3 months

Cost: 450€+VAT. 150€+VAT is paid upon registration, while the rest ofthe amount is paid in two equal installments of 150€+VAT, in November and December.

A 10% discount is offered upon full payment on registration.

Registrations: Until Wednesday, October 31st


Start: Friday, November 2nd. The classes will take place at the space of the school, every Friday 19:00-22:00. Outdoor photoshoots will be happening out of school and the classes will not take place during the Christmas holidays.

Last meeting: Friday, February 1st

Outside photoshoots: Saturday November 17th, during the period of 3-15 of December (specific date to be announced), Epiphany celebration, January 6th

Instructors: Menelaos Myrillas, Nick Paleologos

Orama Photography Studies and SOOC photojournalism agency organize for a second year a three-month Political Press Photography specialization seminar. The program has been designed to equip participants with a set of skills that will help them stand out in changing news media industry which goes under ongoing change.

Students are trained in real life photojournalism conditions, receiving the full support of SOOC’ s professional photojournalists before, during and after each project. They have unique access to Parliament sessions, while they have the opportunity to cover other major current events. At the same time, they learn to evaluate their shots and swiftly upload them to the agency’s online platform.

Teaching emphasizes on modern approaches to political photojournalism and narrative strategies, editing and adding proper captions and keywords so that photographs can be easily picked up in photographic databases. Furthermore, participants have the chance to meet SOOC’ s correspondent in Brussels, Aris Economou, and learn from him about working in press conferences, round tables and summits in an international level, as well as about the demands of photojournalism abroad and its differences from Greek photojournalism. Finally, matters of entering professional photojournalism and agencies as well as issues of ethics are discussed.

Once the seminar ends, students will have gained all the theoretical foundations required for a career in photojournalism, and moreover, will have created their own portfolio full of powerful pictures, in order to use it professionally.

The seminar is concluded after 12 courses of 40 hrs total duration. Courses take place every Friday afternoon at the school, except from the courses which take place outdoors (these dates are going to be announced after the political calendar is finalized). Participants will have to make sure that they will be available during the dates of outdoor photoshoots. Entry requirement is a presentation of the student’s indicative work.

Suggested prior knowledge: Photography Basics