Through the understanding of lighting and the possibilities of the photographic studio, participants are offered an introduction to the world of professional photographers, while professional sharpen their knowledge on the latest trends of commercial photography. Workshops focus on the use and control of light as an expressive element in photography emphasizing on hands-on training. Students explore all types and conditions of lighting: sunlight, studio flashes, tungsten/led lights and speedlights and they get acquainted with modern practices in commercial, fashion, portrait photography and more.

The program is aimed at photographers with the necessary basic technical knowledge who own a digital camera with manual settings.

The school provides the necessary technical equipment and models for the shoots that will take place during the workshops.

For each workshop, the option to buy the corresponding book (in English) for further studying is available.

In a hurry to be a photographer? Early entry in all workshops one month before the end of registrations, with a 15% discount.


13 Dec


Commercial photography is by far one of the most competitive photography fields, since it is the most lucrative in the photography business. Every day companies spend millions in advertising, with a single goal: to get the most appealing image for their product. The photographer, in order to be competitive, must have the ability to create masterpieces from the simplest material, using the highest techniques and...

10 Feb


The workshop has been designed for those wishing to know the basic principles and techniques of studio lighting for a variety of situations and get acquainted with the equipment used in it. Τhrough presentations and demonstrations, participants learn about light direction and quality, proper exposure and color balance and are taught techniques that can be used in portraiture and still life. At the same time...

16 Mar


Lighting is one of the most important parameters in a successful portrait photoshoot. It is also important for the professional photographer to have a set of skills and techniques so that they can maintain their viewpoint and creativity and overcome obstacles, balancing artistic needs with the demands of a professional assignment. On the first day of the seminar participants will observe Kosmas Koumianos in a...

20 Apr


From classical painting to contemporary photography, naked images have a prominent place in the history of art. Photographers such as Julia Margaret Cameron, Bill Brandt, Edward Weston and more contemporary artists such as Herb Ritts, Robert Mapplethorpe, Mona Kuhn were expressed through the charm of the naked human body. The most well-known form of naked, artistic nude, explores concepts and feelings while driving creativity exploring...

11 May


If you’ve ever heard a photographer say “I never use flash, only available light” what they probably mean is “I have no idea how this thing works!”. The seminar refers to the understanding and the creative use of portable camera flash and its accessories. The students are taught through practice the best way of its usage and how to extend the capabilities of lighting, combining...

18 May


Daylight –natural sunlight- is a photographer’s biggest ally, especially in a country as sunny as Greece. During the workshop, participants will learn how to control and use it towards a portrait of professional standards. The first day of the seminar will be held in Greece's unique daylight studio owned by the instructor, "White in Blue" located in Lagonissi. Initially, Konstantinos will analyze his working way, the...