Giorgos Mavromichalis

Studying at Orama is a very rich photographic experience, which I consider very important in my path to explore photography.
Lessons are taught by active photographers in their kind but also great teachers, the method of coordinating the class’ progress, fruitful criticism, personal guidance so that each student develops their own identity, as well as paralell programs such as photographers’ presentations, photowalks and interesting workshops, not only have developed my technical skills, have shaped my aesthetic, and generally have changed my approach towards photography, but most of all they have made me feel part of a beautiful community!


Evangelia Mavrogianni

The professionalism of the teachers towards me and the subject was what gradually changed my take on photography. To me, a successful teacher passes on to the students not only knowledge but also passion. And through their passion, I discovered aspects of photography that make it more than just technique. Aspects that elevate it into an artform, through which personal emotion is manifested. Because a photograph is a moment that, though passing, stays in time through the emotion that it evokes. And that is something that Orama made me realize.

Kostas Diximos

Following the program of the school we got into the process of knowing our selves better by evaluating our strength. The strength that prompt us to give even more every single time. Stepping into the double path of know-how and internal search sometimes is hard to maintain balance. Nevertheless, we saw that our goal is not completing our technique or just go through with our tasks. Our goal is to discover what’s inside of us. Our truth. Our love for the art and human being.

Maria Petinaraki

After attending the program of the school for one year, I now see how much my photographic view has changed. I notice a big difference in my aesthetic of the frame and in the way that a photographic subject develops inside of me. Initially I learned how to approach a subject with my personal opinion and feelings as a criteria and how to afterwards transform this to a photography shot, using the practical knowledge that I gained. The artistic part is a very interesting challenge that combines the creativity, the game and internal search. It taught me how to bring forward and express feelings and ideas, while in parallel helped me to develop the artistic view of the photography, by harmonically connecting the artistic with the technical part.

Apostolis Grillakis

I was naively expecting from a photography school to get a methodical-technical recording of the steps that should be followed in order to give a «good» or ever better, an «artistic» shot. Luckily for me (and for all school’s students), the teachers of this school lead you to something much more than this. Far and beyond the technical and the equipment, our images go through our personal filtering. But, what this filter is and how well do we know it? How the way we understand and live various situations finally forms our photography’s? The target of the teachers of the school the way I lived it during the courses of the first year, is to lead us to the gradual discovery of the unique relationship that can be developed through the contact of each one of us with the art of photography. In my point of view, this is what makes «Orama» unique.

Pinelopi Andreou

My love for art photography along with the need for “creative escape” from the reality and the “times of crisis” led me to the door step of Orama. There I met remarkable teachers which made me cope with my “artistic self” developing my perspective on things, organizing at the same time in themes my photographic thought and notable people with whom we shared, apart from our love for art and photography, human moments that I will never forget. It is said that the culture of education takes away the culture of freedom. The People and lessons in Orama managed every week to make me feel free.

Ivalina Dakova

I always liked photography… I could see pictures for hours but I had never imagined that photography, as an art, hides so much. The school changed my visual perception; i have been taught how important is to depict our own truth on photos. There i met new friends with whom we shared our passion and concern.
Now, after a year, i can say that i completely trust people that teach at Orama and i look forward to continue the journey to the wonderful world of art photography.