Traveling is not only about seeing the different, but also about living it. Even more it is about discovering your destination through the “magic” of the photographic lens.

At the travel photography seminars of Orama we visit unusual places all over the world as well as unexplored corners of Greece. We experience unprecedented experiences, because for us “attraction” means a moment that will remain forever in our memories and our photographic document.

Leaving behind us the usual touristic attitude, we follow a program of small adventures that the school has designed for an unforgettable trip full of exclusive photographic opportunities. Virgin nature and bustling cities, unexpected customs and secrets of locals, real faces and unknown lives, all will be material for a photographic seminar – experience.

In a tight group, always with the cameras on hand and under the guidance of the instructors with a long history in travel photography, the participants will cultivate their creativity, technique and photographic look. Participants can belong to all levels of photography knowledge, beginners to experienced, depending on the subject, and as long as they book their place in a time.

Journey to the Edge of Hellenism: Easter in Imbros


In the long-suffering Imbros, the dividing lines blur. Greek communities insist on flourishing in Turkish territory. Painful past and hope for regeneration. Resistant settlements and churches harmonize with the eternal stunning natural landscape. In this setting we will be photographing the devoutness of a different Easter, where Imbrians from all over the world return to celebrate their ancestral lands.

Sicily: Stories of Stone, Sea and Lava


An ancient island at the crossroads of civilizations awaits us to discover it. In this 6-day photographic voyage we will stroll through the wild beauty of Sicily and capture the Sicilian and stone forged lifestyle, aiming for authentic experiences outside of the beaten track. We are ready to photograph the Mediterranean adventure prepared by the millennia of history, the volcanic ash and the soul of the Sicilians.