Instructor: Yiannis Rizomarkos

In the long-suffering Imbros, the dividing lines are blurred. Greek communities that insist on flourishing in Turkish territory. Painful past and hope for rebirth. Settlements and churches that resist time harmonize with the eternally impressive natural landscape. In this scene we will photograph the immersion of a different Easter, which Imbrians from all over the world return to celebrate in their ancestral lands.

The rite of decoration of the Epitaph, the service of the Resurrection that takes place successively from village to village thanks to the unique priest of the island, the different traditional table of Easter Sunday. We will experience everything in the 6 days of the trip, as with the guidance of the rapporteur Yiannis Rizomarkos, we will explore the peculiarities of Imbros and we will capture decades of human history in our clicks. We will meet the people who, in defiance of the modern world, maintain the community of about 400 Greeks with their schools, churches and businesses and we will visually tell their stories. But, above all, we will be left to the greatness of the energy of the place, as we live a life experience on the edge of the Aegean.

During the trip, the participants will take photos every day with Yiannis, receiving personal tips for approaching the topics and editing their images, without missing the free time for fun and exploration. Participants must have a laptop with them for editing the images.

The aim of the seminar is for everyone, apart from an unforgettable experience, to gain the ability to photograph the character of the place they are visiting and to return with valuable artistic supplies.

Suggested prior knowledge: Photography Basics


Accommodation: 5 nights with breakfast at hotel in Panagia

Travel: The van departs from Alexandroupolis to Kabatepe and back

Cost of seminar




The ferry from Kabatepe to Imbros and return

Travel to the island

Everything else is explicitly mentioned


* The daily cost of living in Imbros is no different from that of the rest of Turkey, a full meal costs around £ 40. The school, for those who wish, will make the necessary reservations for the meals on the night of the Resurrection and on Easter Sunday. Traveling to and from Kabatepe on the island is easy and very economical and will be done by local means.


Duration: 6 days

Cost: 550€ + VAT in double room & 650€ + VAT in single room

Dates: Departure from Alexandroupolis April, Great Thursday 29th in the morning & return Τuesday 4th in the afternoon


Participants must be in Alexandroupolis early on Thursday morning where they will all depart by van for the port of Kabatepe in Turkey. The return to Alexandroupolis will also be done by van on the afternoon of May, Tuesday 4th. Those wishing to fly to and from Athens to Alexandroupolis should arrange for their tickets to be booked on time, due to the Easter days. Flights are operated daily by Olympic Airways & Sky Express.



50% of the cost is pre-paid, and the remaining 50% must be paid until April, Monday 6th. If the repayment is not paid by due date, the school may consider the participation canceled and retain the deposit.



Cancellation until January 31st is subject to refund of the deposit. For cancellations after January 31st, the school keeps the amount of the deposit and refunds the balance if it has been paid. Cancellation after March 31st is not refundable.