Different cultures, hosting people and beautiful landscapes provide new experiences, excite the imagination, promote creativity, and provide a deeper appreciation of the world which we live in.

Whether they travel abroad or in the wide courtyard of Greece, students are immersed in another culture, inspired to explore new ways to revitalize their work and personal style with energy and a renewed perspective.

The aim of the programs is that the participants, in addition to an unforgettable experience, will be able to capture the character of the place they visit, imprinting their experiences and feelings in their pictures. Beginners and experienced photographers can participate, depending on the subject by booking their spot before the deadline provided.

Travel Photography in Tyrnavos: Under the Rhythm of Cauldrons


Tsipouro and Tyrnavos are two words that go hand in hand in the Greek folk tradition and during the period of distillation everything moves according to the “kazanaria” rhythms. Locals and visitors get to be a big company and on Saturday nights they enjoy drinking the new tsipouro which flows abundantly. In this travelogue, the participants will photograph the “Tyrnavian” way of life, their people and their traditions, under the guidance of the photojournalist and wine expert Maro Kouri.