Duration: 3 days

Cost: 220€+VAT

Dates: Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th November

Hours: Start Friday 19:00, End Sunday 19:00

Registrations: Until Monday 19th Νοvember

30€ discount for the first 5 registrations!


Instructor: Maro Kouri

Tsipouro and Tyrnavos are two words that go hand in hand in the Greek folk tradition. This distillate and the Thessalian city are connected since the ancient times and are associated to the local ethics and customs. From October and for two months time, the cauldrons at the traditional distilleries work unstoppable day and night with different manufacturers. During the distillery period, everything moves according to the cauldron rhythms and the art of tsipouro production, while the overwhelming scent covers the city of Tyrnavos. Locals and visitors are joined into one large company having fun during Saturday nights by drinking the new tsipouro that it is in abundancy.

In this travelogue, the participants will photograph the “Tyrnavian” way of life, the people and their traditions, during the process of the tsipouro production, under the guidance of the photojournalist and wine expert Maro Kouri. The first day will be dedicated to the work presentation and corresponding assignments made by the instructor in order to inspire the students to develop their topics photographically. The following days, the participants will photograph at certain locations, according to Maro’s on the field advices and personal feedback regarding the development and evolution of their project. They shall interact with the people and develop their social skills so to get really close and photograph this peculiar procedure. The seminar will be concluded with the analysis and critique of the pictures, while during all this travelogue there will be free time, going out and lots of fun.

This photographic journey is addressed to beginners with basic technical knowledge as well as experienced photographers that are willing to learn how to capture their experiences and feelings. The participants should bring their laptops for the process of photo editing.

Suggested prior knowledge: Photography Basics


The cost of the seminar does not include accommodation and travel costs. The school will help any participant who won’t have travel means, bringing them in contact with the participants who will have a travel mean. Furthermore, it has secured rooms with breakfast in a guesthouse at Larissa where the lectures will be made. Those who wish to book the room should promptly contact the school secretary and then paying the costs.