Instructor : Yiannis Rizomarkos

What makes a photo successful? What visual means does the photographer use to spark the viewer’s interest? Success lies in a combination of elements and their organization in an effective composition. In this workshop, instructor Yiannis Rizomarkos will analyze the concepts and rules that define a strong photographic composition and will offer practical guidance on their application during the shoot.

Τhe first day of the seminar is focused on understanding the basic visual elements and frame composition rules. Participants will learn how lines, shapes, light can be utilized for their creative expression and how concepts like balance, symmetry, depth, perspective can affect the final outcome. Next and under the instructor’s guidance, they shall follow a route that starts at the impressive structures of the Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center and ends to the Faliro Delta. However, the schedule will be flexible in order to allow the participants for spontaneous photographic opportunities.

Students will complete photographic assignments designed to improve their composition skills and add meaning to their images. The workshop is completed the following day, when critique and analysis of the images taken will take place, offering a review of the day, together with references to artworks of recognized photographers aspiring to further motivation and inspiration of the participants.

The workshop is aimed at those already familiar with the basic camera functions.

Suggested prior knowledge: Photography in Action.

portfolio-large-img-wide© Naya Hohlidaki
portfolio-large-img-wide© Spiros Plesiotis
portfolio-large-img-wide© Katerina Kinna
portfolio-large-img-wide© Vasilis Vasilopoulos
portfolio-large-img-wide© Irene Adamopoulou
portfolio-large-img-wide© Dimitra Papageorgiou

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