Instructor : Dimitra Papageorgiou

There is no photographer without a camera, but there is also no photographer that doesn’t know how to use it. A digital camera offers a plethora of different settings and functions that not only guarantee a correct shot but also expand a photographer’s expressive ability. In this class we “unlock” this potential and at the same the creativity of anyone wishing to enter the art of photography.

The issues discussed are related to the operation of the camera and lens: shutter speed, aperture, automatic and manual camera settings, RAW files, white balance, focal distance and lens uses.

The school provides all the necessary equipment for demonstration while those who own a camera should have it with them.

portfolio-large-img-wide© Maria Apokotou
portfolio-large-img-wide© Apostolos Andriotis
portfolio-large-img-wide© Maria Koutsouli
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