Instructor : Marios Theologis

From classical painting to contemporary photography, naked images have a prominent place in the history of art. Photographers such as Julia Margaret Cameron, Bill Brandt, Edward Weston and more contemporary artists such as Herb Ritts, Robert Mapplethorpe, Mona Kuhn were expressed through the charm of the naked human body.

The most well-known form of naked, artistic nude, explores concepts and feelings while driving creativity exploring new techniques and approaches. In this exclusive workshop participants are invited to photograph the timeless beauty of the female figure.

The first day of the seminar will take place in the studio of the editor Math Studio, in Halandri. Marios Theologos will guide students through the high and low-key lighting, a variety of different accessories, while inspiring them to see naked as a form of expression through form, shadow, lines, and symbolism. Participants will have the time to photograph their models and apply their ideas by directing the atmosphere and style they want. The workshop is completed the next day at the School with the critical analysis of the icons, with a special focus on aesthetics and technical issues.

The purpose of the seminar is for participants to understand that lighting is the key to determining emotion and aesthetics and controlling it to be decisive for producing high quality photographs. The workshop is important for both amateurs and professionals wishing to broaden their knowledge through another approach to different techniques and approach to the subject

Suggested prior knowledge: Photography in action

portfolio-large-img-wide© Athinodoros Katsavounidis
portfolio-large-img-wide© Vaggelis Zikos
portfolio-large-img-wide© Nikitas Doukiantzakis
portfolio-large-img-wide© Spiros Chatziaggelakis
portfolio-large-img-wide© Tasos Psalidakis
portfolio-large-img-wide© Dimitris Karavolos
portfolio-large-img-wide© Dimitra Papageorgiou
portfolio-large-img-wide© Dimitra Papageorgiou

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