Instructor : Maro Kouri

For years, the thousands of immigrants and refugees living in our city pray and fulfill their religious duties in makeshift temples in basements, apartments, tenements or even former nightclubs. During the weekends, Indians in colorful costumes, Ethiopians dressed in white, Nigerians in shiny shoes and white jackets and all kinds of believers of different religions and dogmas, flood their places of prayer to honor their god, while adding color to the grey neighborhoods.

On the first day of the seminar, the instructor will analyze the approaches of the subject, will show the works of photographers that will inspire students and will prepare them for their takes. Over the course of the next two days, participants will get to know and photograph the hidden multicultural side of Athens. In this journey through people, religions, cultures and customs, Maro Kouri will guide and advise, so that participants can create images that reflect their emotion. The workshop is concluded on the evening of the third day with the presentation and critique of the photos taken.

Suggested prior knowledge: Photography in Action

portfolio-large-img-wide© Konstantinos Collias
portfolio-large-img-wide© Simoni Zafeiropoulou_
portfolio-large-img-wide© Nikos Drikakis
portfolio-large-img-wide© Nikos Menoudarakos
portfolio-large-img-wide© Stephanie Kollintzas
portfolio-large-img-wide© Giorgos Papandreou
portfolio-large-img-wide© Eleni Rimantonaki
portfolio-large-img-wide© Maria Oikonomidou

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