The workshop program is designed for beginners who wish to receive basic photographic knowledge as well as for more experienced photographers that wish to expand their skills or have professional motives.

Each workshop focuses on the knowledge, abilities and techniques necessary for the photographic and personal development of students, so that they can be successfully trained in creative or applied photography.

Lessons take place in carefully selected locations with exceptional photographic interest that offer inspiration and broaden the participants’ perspective. Moreover, classes are taught in small groups and each student gets personalized attention from the instructor and his assistant, for a deeper understanding of the subject.

Upon completion of each seminar an attendance certificate is granted.

Workshops assistant: Dimitra Papageorgiou

Nikos Moschos

Basic Training

This program’s workshops introduce beginners to the creative and technical abilities of digital photography. The theoretical instruction and practical application of the program focus on the basic camera functions and the fundamental principles of image composition.

Dimitra Papageorgiou

Professional Training

The program is designed to help participants acquire the fundamental theoretical and technical knowledge required to enter the professional world of photography. During the seminars special emphasis is given on practice, equipment issues are covered, different techniques and lighting styles are analyzed, as well as their applications on the current trends of professional photography.

Kostas Diximos

Photojournalism & Documanetary Photography

The program focuses on the research and technical skills required to create a photographic body of work that honestly depicts aspects of reality. During the program’s seminars, participants are taught the practical and theoretical approach of their selected themes while receiving incentives that will push them to overcome fears and ascend to a higher photographic level.


DSLR Filmmaking

The video-making technology with DSLR cameras is evolving rapidly, breaking the technical limitations that restricted creative expression until today. The small size of the camera, the large sensor with the ability to record images with cinematic feel even in low light conditions, as well as their relatively low cost makes digital cameras more and more popular in the production of high definition video.


Out of Town

The program “out of town” is every time a different journey with the same target though. This target is the itinerary and the experience of a trip that is translated into an image. The knowledge, the free and completed approach of a topic and the travel breaths is the result of an escape using photography as an axis.